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    Lost 80s Live
    LOST 80’s LIVE
    FRI :: AUG 19
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    Yacht Rock Revue
    FRI :: SEP 9
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    UB40 WITH
    SUN :: SEP 11
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    Chaka Khan
    FRI :: NOV 11
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    Winger With Lita Ford
    FRI :: NOV 25
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    Josh Turner Rescheduled Date
    FRI :: DEC 16
    The original 7/22 date was rescheduled due to positive COVID-19 tests among the entourage.
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  • Coronavirus Message

    If you’re still open for business, does the public know?


    As businesses struggle to maintain operations and keep their employees working in these trying times, reaching the public is essential. Restaurants open to fill delivery and to go orders, professional services, online stores and more are struggling to keep operating to some degree while maintaining all-important social distancing, but need to market their availability.


    Contact Turn To Productions to get the word out about your continued business availability. Over years of promoting events and venues, Turn To Productions has developed extensive databases,  resources, and techniques to reach the public. We can tailor campaigns to meet your goals and circumstances.

    (713) 714-1916

Our Services
Results you can count on

Special Events and Promotions

Turn To Productions is able to apply its unique and effective promotional program in markets across the country. We are able to assist in every area of event creation, marketing, production, and management.

Our experience developed proven promotion techniques and unique insight into the needs of event producers, from festivals to concerts to charity fundraising events. Our goal is to provide clients from city departments to small business owners with the most effective low-cost and no-cost marketing. We can develop plans to achieve tremendous impact for clients from ad and flyer design and press releases to re-branding a business’s image from the ground up. We can analyze and negotiate paid advertising as desired from years of experience buying media and consulting prominent media buyers as well as utilize internet resources for free promotion. We are very successful in getting media coverage and press write-ups for concerts and events with strong press releases and promotional emails to effective databases that have been carefully built over the years. We can also create special events for clients that will attract media attention to get even more free promotion. Our reputation and long history with providers in the event industry allows us to get better prices for our clients. We can book entertainment, getting reduced prices from many bands that want to be part of our promotion.

 Promotional Services

  • Create logos and branding elements
  • Create general promotion pieces for online and traditional use
  • Press releases
    • Gather information and images needed and write in effective, attention getting style
    • Develop media database for any location or media market
    • Distribute Press Release to all extensive media database
    • Search for targeted media outlets such as location-specific media, musical genre specific media, ethnic/cultural media
  • Create print ads
  • Distribute PSA’s to all radio media
  • Create posters and flyers
  • Contact street team for distribution
  • Consult and provide material for existing main Website
  • Social Media Promotion
    • Create greater public impact and reach through the most popular social media sites:
      • Snapchat
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Pinterest
      • Instagram
  • Promotion on over 150 Event Sites and Message Boards
    Set up, update and maintain client profile, events, specials etc. on the most effective event information and calendar sites and message boards for promoting festivals, events, concerts, and live music venues. Set up page with Networking site that provides search engine optimization to get venue or event to the top of web searches

    • Set up account
    • Maintain and update
    • Schedule of regular postings
    • Build up followers numbers to target market
  • Search for reviews, listings, etc., on internet, improve, correct, and augment as needed
  • Create ad for regular Turn To Productions e-mail blast
  • Develop specific, targeted email database for client
  • Create email for client e-mail blast
  • Identify event-specific promotional avenues and research target recipients such as college fraternities, area businesses, social sporting groups, alumni associations, car clubs, biker groups, etc.

Event Production

  • Event Branding:
    • Assist in developing name, logo, tag lines, event description
  • Planning
    • Assist in coordination with city and other parties
    • Event layout
    • Determine electrical and water needs
    • Determine staging, fencing, and other logistic needs
  • Sponsorship
    • Development of sponsorship packets
    • Contact and negotiation with potential sponsors
    • Coordination with sponsors for participation and promotional advantage
  • Vendors
    • Development of vendor packets, policies, and requirements
    • Set up convenient online vendor booking system with fill-in form, e-commerce payment, and comprehensive vendor reports
    • Send vendor packet to our extensive database of festival vendors
    • Layout and assign vendor space
    • Communicate with vendors, providing wristbands, passes, as determined
    • Check in and maintain vendors during event
  • Logistics
    • Assist in a layout that provides effective flow, accessibility for public, vendors, providers, and staff, and the maximum exposure to all elements of the event
    • Utilize B2B contacts developed over decades to get the best prices and service for event needs:
      • Stage
      • Sound & Lighting
      • Electrical
      • Fencing
      • Ticketing
      • Water Distribution
      • Tents, Tables, & Chairs
      • Golf Carts
      • Radios
      • Printing
      • And many more

 Entertainment Booking

  • Send your contact information as the entertainment booking agent to our extensive list of agencies throughout the U.S. and worldwide
  • Send you regular alerts on acts putting together new tours
  • Directly negotiate and book acts
  • Provide you accurate contacts for the primary agent and management for acts to avoid going through multiple agents increasing cost
  • Provide contact for the band publicist to get the most promotional support possible from the band
  • Provide, when available, results of current and past tours for attendance and income
  • Appraise the value of shows offered to you
  • Utilize the methods and services below to promote shows.

Venue Business Development

  • Create logos
  • Create general promotion pieces
  • Analyze promotion of competing businesses
  • Consult on the most effective of advertising budget and proposals from media
  • Design bllboards as needed
  • Create special events for greater promotion and to build up regular customers
  • Create regular annual events for greater promotion and to build up regular customers
  • Create non-profit fundraisers for greater promotion and to build up regular customers
  • Contact area businesses to increase customers and target for friends
  • Create special offers and incentives for area businesses and neighborhood groups
  • Set up online ticket sales for events
  • Show staff best ways to do in-house promotion
  • Consult on increasing sales