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  • Coronavirus Message

    If you’re still open for business, does the public know?


    As businesses struggle to maintain operations and keep their employees working in these trying times, reaching the public is essential. Restaurants open to fill delivery and to go orders, professional services, online stores and more are struggling to keep operating to some degree while maintaining all-important social distancing, but need to market their availability.


    Contact Turn To Productions to get the word out about your continued business availability. Over years of promoting events and venues, Turn To Productions has developed extensive databases,  resources, and techniques to reach the public. We can tailor campaigns to meet your goals and circumstances.

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Houston St. Patrick’s Festival

The Houston ST. Patrick’s Festival brought up to four thousand people a day for a three-day festival each year to celebrate the true Irish and Celtic heritage that the day honors. The producers brought together the leading members of Houston ‘s Irish community to present a festival that truly showcases the beautiful and stirring music, dance, food, drink, and arts of the Celtic people in an event that welcomes people of all ages, nationalities, and walks of life. It was the biggest single ST. Patrick’s event in the Southwest featuring some of the best local, national, and international performers of Celtic music and dance, a wide variety of authentic Celtic dishes based on ancient recipes, and crafts and goods from exquisite original design Celtic jewelry to fine wool and pottery and a wide selection of Celtic music and literature.