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Turn To Productions is a Houston based independent special events production, marketing and promotions company, focusing on the entertainment food and beverage industries.

Mayor Pat Hallisey at League City Music Festival & BBQ Cookoff

We have years of experience in managing entertainment venues, concerts and special events. 

With over 35 years of special events experience Turn To Productions has promoted and produced the very best in houston live event entertainment.

Everything from production, promotion, marketing, talent buying, to concerts, private parties, special events at local venues, concert halls, arenas, fundraisers, cook-offs, and outdoor festivals.

We are able to promote with maximum exposure for many of the top names in the entertainment business.  We pride ourselves on fun safe shows at venues which garner major exposure to our clients, sponsors and vendors with major networking, press, news, and commercial exposure which leads to major revenues while stretching the value of each advertising dollar.

We will be posting event information on a variety of concerts, festivals, and special events.  We are available to work with promoters, producers, cities, and organizations for all their event production and marketing needs. We are able to assist in every area of event creation, marketing, production, and management.

This experience developed proven promotion techniques and unique insight into the needs of those industries. Our goal is to provide small business owners of limited advertising budget in difficult economic times with the most effective low-cost and no-cost marketing. We can develop plans to achieve tremendous impact for clients from ad and flyer design and press releases to website development to re-branding a business’s image from the ground up. We can analyze and negotiate paid advertising as desired from years of experience buying media and consulting prominent media buyers. We are very successful in getting media coverage and press write-ups for concerts and events. We create and distribute strong press releases and promotional emails to effective databases that have been carefully built over the years; design high-impact flyers and print promotional materials; utilize internet resources for free promotion. We can also create special events for clients that will attract media attention to get even more free promotion. Our reputation and long history with providers in the event industry allows us to get better prices for our clients. We can book entertainment, getting reduced prices from many bands that want to be part of our promotion.

Dreaming of your next big event, call us today!


                                                                Ja-Ga Reggae Fest


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