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Our Services

 Promotional Services

Turn To Productions
is able to apply its unique and effective promotional program in markets across the country.

  • Create Logos and branding elements
  • Create general promotion pieces for online and traditional use
  • Press Releases
    • Gather information and images needed and write in effective, attention getting style
    • Distribute Press Release to all extensive media database
    • Search for targeted media outlets such as musical genre specific media, ethnic/cultural media
  • Create Print Ads
  • Create Radio Ad/PSA
  • Distribute PSA’s to all radio media
  • Create Posters and Flyers
  • Contact street Team for distribution
  • Design, build, maintain and update new main Website
  • Consult and provide material for existing main Website
  • Social Media Promotion
    • Create greater public impact and reach through the most popular sites:
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Pinterest
      • Instagram
    • Set up account
    • Maintain and update
    • Schedule of regular postings
    • Build up Followers numbers to target market
  • Search for reviews, listings, etc., on internet, improve, correct, and augment as needed
  • Create ad for regular Turn To Productions E-Mail Blast
  • Develop specific, targeted email database for Client
  • Create email for Client E-Mail Blast
  • Identify event-specific promotional avenues and research target recipients such as college fraternities, area businesses, social sporting groups, alumni associations, car clubs, biker groups, etc.
  • Message Boards
    Set up, update and maintain Client profile, events, specials etc. on the most effective Social Networking sites Message Boards for promoting bars, restaurants, live music venues, concerts & special events. Set up page with Networking site that provides search engine optimization to get venue or event to the top of web searches

Event Production

  • Event Branding: Assist in developing name, logo, tag lines, event description
  • Planning
    • Assist in coordination with City and other parties
    • Event Layout
    • Determine electrical and water needs
    • Determine staging, fencing, and other logistic needs
  • Sponsorship
    • Development of Sponsorship Packets
    • Contact and negotiation with potential Sponsors
    • Coordination with Sponsors for participation and promotional advantage
  • Vendors
    • Development of Vendor Packets, policies, and requirements
    • Set up convenient online Vendor Booking system with fill-in form, ecommerce payment, and comprehensive vendor reports
    • Send Vendor Packet to our extensive database of festival vendors
    • Layout and assign vendor space
    • Communicate with vendors, providing wristbands, passes, as determined
    • Check in and maintain vendors during event
  • Logistics
    • Assist in a layout that provides effective flow, accessibility for public, vendors, providers, and staff, and the maximum exposure to all elements of the event
    • Utilize B2B contacts developed over decades to get the best prices and service for event needs:
      • Stage
      • Sound & Lighting
      • Electrical
      • Fencing
      • Ticketing
      • Water Distribution
      • Tents, Tables, & Chairs
      • Golf Carts
      • Radios
      • Printing
      • And many more

 Entertainment Booking

  • Send your contact information as the entertainment booker to our extensive list of agencies throughout the U.S. and worldwide
  • Send you regular alerts on acts putting together new tours
  • Directly negotiate and book acts
  • Provide you accurate contacts for the primary agent and management for acts to avoid going through multiple agents increasing cost
  • Provide contact for the band publicist to get the most promotional support possible from the band
  • Provide, when available, results of current and past tours for attendance and income
  • Appraise the value of shows offered to you
  • Utilize the methods and services below to promote shows.

Venue Business Development

  • Create Logos
  • Create General Promotion Pieces
  • Analyze promotion of competing businesses
  • Consult on the most effective of advertising budget and proposals from media
  • Design Billboards as needed
  • Create Special Events for greater promotion and to build up regular customers
  • Create regular annual Events for greater promotion and to build up regular customers
  • Create Non-profit Fundraisers for greater promotion and to build up regular customers
  • Contact area businesses to increase customers and target for Friends
  • Create Special Offers and Incentives for area businesses and neighborhood groups
  • Set up online ticket sales for Events
  • Show staff best ways to do in-house promotion
  • Consult on increasing sales